High Maintenance

Performance created with CALVIN KLEIN
Created and Performed by Alex Coggin, Michael Burditt Norton and Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor
Dani Brown, Zen Jefferson, and Leah Katz
A co-production with The Sophiensaele
Photos by Arne Schmidt

La Traviata* and The Beginning of the End

Created by Ana Wild
Collaborators and performers: Michael Burditt Norton and Leila Anderson
Photos: Thomas Lenden

The Machine

For videos of the performances click here

The Machine
Created by Orion Maxted
In collaboration with 
Alex Coggin
Michael Burditt Norton
Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor
Margo van de Linde

photography by Thomas Lenden

I Will Still be Here

Performance created and performed by Michael Burditt Norton

Hotel Obscura with Triage Live Art Collective

Hotel Obscura Draft #1. 1 hotel, 4 rooms, 8 Artists, 48 hours.

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the rapture will be televised V

CALVIN KLIEN Trailer for the rapture will be televised V 
performed in Tanztage Berlin, at the Sopheinsæle, 2014

Full Performance 

Audio from Performance

Research and Reporting

Video from the performance Research and Reporting, created by Liz Magic Laser and Sanya Kantarovsky for the Badischer Kunstverein in Karlsruhe, Germany, and the KW institute of Contemporary Art, Berlin.


Extended trailer

Video for fundraising Campaign from Now! Now! Neverland!

The Rapture Will Be Televised IV - CALVIN KLEIN

 CALVIN KLEIN's production of the rapture will be televised IV
from Rockelmann& Gallery performance.
Photos: Liana Blum