A Ritual For Survival (and hopefully courage)

A Ritual For Survival (and Hopefully Courage) is a series of 15 minute 1-1 encounters between the participant and the artist, Michael Burditt Norton. The artist never speaks: the participant’s experience is mediated through a pre-recorded tape, each tape designed as a ritual to address a specific need, that the participant has chosen: forgiveness, love, money, care, projection, and cliché. 

These rituals are personal and intimate, and ask the participant to step into a temporary world of vulnerability and listening. The participant uses the projected body in the room as a proxy for their own body, or the body of another. Rituals are vessels for carrying us from a place of 'before': traveling through a place of struggle and resistance and launching into a clearer perspective of identity on the other side. In this light, the interaction was orchestrated in reaction to the artist's own struggles with value, finding intimacy and  self worth in community.

A co-production with Aunt Linda Project Space, Berlin