Now! Now! Neverland!

Now! Now! Neverland! (2013) was an original immersive experience devised with a company of performers and artists and presented in Berlin. The work interrogated the perception of Berlin as a Neverland, where young people go to retire, and what 'home' means for those away from it. The experience created environments in a factory space that suggested the natural elements of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan, with grasslands, jungles, forests and a pirate ship. The performers engaged the audience as accomplices in telling the story, creating roles and improvised role play for the audience to become lost boys, pirates, or even Pan's shadow. Ultimately Neverland crumbles, and the audience must chose the choice so many choose as they turn from adolescence: do I sustain 'Neverland' or except the comfort of 'home?'

Artistic Director - Michael Burditt Norton
Co-director - Jesse Posner
Producer - Christopher Shea
Assistant Director - Ruby Grosser
Scenic Designer - Sophie nichols
Assistant Designer - Maggie Wong
Sound Design - Michael Burditt Norton
Documentation - Ashton Green and Sam Coggin

Priscilla Be
Mab Cardoso
Alexander Coggin
Sam Coggin
Catherine Duquette
Katharine Mangold
Anna Paniccia
Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor

Presented at Colonia Nova, Berlin